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Irish Ghost Shatters Pub Glass

Guinness Draught beer glass

Irish Ghost Shatters Pub Glass

Irish Ghost Shatters Pub Glass

CCTV footage from an Irish pub has been posted on Facebook showing a pint of beer mysterious exploding.

In the video several people are sitting around enjoying a drink when one man, turns towards the bar and his beer glass explodes.

Shocked onlookers are dumbfounded as to what had just happened. As the pint owner turns back around after hearing the shattering glass he is surprised to see his beer all over the table.

Quickly accusing the fellow bar patrons of some hanky panky that was only resolved after the CCTV footage was replayed.

As to what happened, the owner of the pub believes it was the ghost of a deceased patron named Joe Murphy.

The pub owner added the caption “the ghost of Joe Murphy”, a regular of the bar who had previously passed away.

Then added, “Strange as hell when it happens.”

The video was recorded on St Patrick’s Day, and uploaded to Facebook by Barney Mac’s bar, located on Chord Road in Drogheda, Co Louth, Ireland.

One viewer believes that it was simply cold beer poured into a warm glass straight that had come straight from the dishwasher.

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Irish Ghost Shatters Pub Glass

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