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Insidious: The Last Key Review

Cool, we’re doing this again.

1. Supernatural or psychological or metaphorical in someway? Supernatural. It’s about demons and ghosts and stuff like the last three. It’s not that deep.

2. How scary was it? 5.4/10 I just like more specific and seemingly arbitrary numbers. It’s definitely scarier than the third one (at least for me), although when it revs up for the finale it gets pretty tame, I’d say.

3. Jump scares of nah? Jump scares.

4. Is there blood and gore? There are a few graphic images but not too much blood and gore at all. Be warned, there are several moments of surprising violence, mostly against women. Please do you research about this movie if you have triggers.

5. On a scale of 1 – 10 (10 being Alien: Covenant), how dumb were the characters? 5. Actually they weren’t that dumb. There was only one moment where I wanted to yell, “Why the fuck did you go there, you idiot?” (When someone went somewhere hella spooky to look for someone and lingering there despite that person obviously not being there). There were one or two, “You could do that later” or “Find a more efficient or safer way to do that thing you for some reason really want to do” moments. There was also a, “This isn’t a big reveal, the audience put two and two together and figured this out 25 minutes ago” moment.

6. Does that story make logical sense if you think about it too long? Don’t think about it too long.

I really like the first two Insidious movies. The third one, I thought, lacked quite a bit in frights, especially towards the end when the monster was already revealed. The monsters were revealed kind of early in the first two movies as well, the difference is that they stayed pretty frightening. I thought they kept a good job keeping the monster hidden for most the film, then when he was finally shown in his full true form you kind of have to shrug. It was better than the third one though. The FURTHER was kind of boring this time around. It just seemed a lot less expansive and full than it had in the previous movies, perhaps because we’ve already seen so much of it and they tried to hone in on one specific location.

In regards to the overall story, I appreciate that they did try something a little new. There was one plot point I did not see coming and made it really interesting for a little bit. It didn’t hold for too long though as the story just kind of turned into what it always does: We gotta go into the FURTHER to stop this one demon in particular. Something I do like about the story was that it’s centered on Elise, the psychic of the movies. She’s a really compelling character and you don’t see like, any mainstream franchises featuring women past 40 in the lead role. So I appreciate this. I also enjoyed them featuring Tucker and Specks in more prominent roles. They’re pretty funny.

I don’t completely endorse seeing this movie. I didn’t completely love the story and I felt like the dialogue could have used a lot of ironing out. Damn, did it get cheesy at points. However it did have its moments, especially in the first two thirds. The two people sitting next to me, who I really felt like I bonded with throughout, were getting particularly scared throughout. So if you’re looking for a quick fix for some jump scares and spooks, you should consider giving it a go. Overall, I’ll give it a 5.5/10.

Spoiler-y thoughts below

It is so God damn funny that Specks wrote this movie. Like this dude wrote a script in which he gets a big hero moment and also kisses a beautiful woman at the end. Bold move, Leigh.

Specks didn’t really have to throw that shelf on top of him. Dude was out cold. I guess in the heat of the moment you have to be safe right? I mean, he could have gone for the gun and used it to defend himself in case but nothing’s quite as shelf crushing someone’s head.

I wondered how much the paranormal investigator gang gets paid. If the answer is A LOT I’d like to get in on that industry.

Key hands were an interesting idea. Not that interesting though.

The “She’s not a ghost” twist was damn good.

If my sister sent me a toy she found, I’d assume she had it in her possession. I wouldn’t go to a fucking crime scene to search for it.

“Dad are you in here?” *no response* “So are you in here?” *no response because the dad is clearly not in here* “I’m just gonna keep looking for you in this place you have no reason being in.” This scene drove me up a wall.

“She’s psychic. We’re sidekick.” I was confounded at the time when he said this. Looking back at it, it’s brilliant.

Okay the red demon showed up right behind her brother in the opening minutes of the movie. Are we ever going to see more of him? He’s still the scariest monster in these BlumHouse movies.

Wasn’t a huge fan of, “This demon makes men kidnap and lock up women” thing.

I can’t believe the first movie started because Elise forgot to close a door. Get it together.




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Insidious: The Last Key Review

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