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I'm not religious.

cloningmycat submitted:

I’m not a religious person. My beliefs are really quite different than most peoples’. I won’t go into details, because they aren’t important, but I will say that I personally don’t believe in God. 

When I lived in Germany on a small army post with my dad, there was an old abandoned train station two minutes from my house. Admittedly, it was probably a little stupid to break into it and hang out in there all the time, but my group of friends and I loved to do stupid stuff like that. What can I say? We were teenage idiots. 

One day, my parents had kicked me out and I decided to stay with a friend of mine, aged 28 at the time with four children, two of which were only toddlers. Since I was in a wretched mood that night, she told me that she would let two friends of mine, a brother and sister both of whom I was incredibly close with, stay the night as well and we would have a Harry Potter marathon. Be it far from me to object. 

Sometime during Prisoner of Azkaban, the two year old daughter began crying from her room, and I was sent to get her. I found three long scratches down her back and told her mother, who knew the house they lived in was haunted.

Around this time, my memory becomes a little hazy, so the details aren’t all clear to me. She wanted me, her, and the brother and sister I mentioned, to sit around her dining room table with a candle lit. Something having to do with getting rid of the spirit. I remember her leaning over and telling me that should the flame start to lean towards her, I was to grab the cross around her neck. Lo and behold, the flame from the candle moved to her and I quickly gripped onto the necklace. 

That was the last thing I remember, and the rest was told to me from the woman and the brother and sister pair. Apparently, my face softened and I smiled to everyone, looked at the cross in my hand. “This is a beautiful cross. Don’t worry, the lord will guide us through this frightening time, have faith.” Moments later, I dropped the cross and began screaming that there were bugs in my hair, cockroaches crawling all over my body. Someone thew a baby down the basement stairs. Hooks, so many hooks, my friends were on those hooks and no one could save them, so much blood, damn those hooks.

The next thing I knew, I was watching the scene where Dobby died in Deathly Hollows Part One, simply sitting on the couch and watching a movie, as if nothing had happened. Apparently, I hadn’t spoken since the screaming stopped either. 

While still shaken from the story, most of which I thought was exaggerated greatly despite the assurance that it most certainly was not, a couple friends of mine, not the brother and sister, went to the train station, the way we did everyday. We walked down the stairs and into the basement, and into the only room that had any light in it, a small windowful of the outside world. I had suddenly felt compelled to look up. I’d never looked at the ceiling while I was in that room before. 

Imagine my shock and surprise when I saw one straight row of butcher-style meat hooks hanging from the ceiling. 

FuckYeahNightmares Mod James: 8/10 Oh wow this one was really bizarre.  Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
I'm not religious.

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