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I’m back from the dead

Well… slightly. 

So… things happened. Not nice things. Not good things. 

But you can’t call yourself a Necromancer and then hide behind the sofa when Death appears. You have to not only deal with it but engage with it as much as you can to the fullest extent of your abilities – because others can’t. You have to be a buffer zone – a stop-gap. That’s the job.

I did my best but it hurt more than I expected it to. 

Really hurt.

On the plus side, I did get to talk to the deceased a few times more than any one else did. 

On the down side… Everything else stopped.

I dropped everything that wasn’t breathing. (Which is horrendous BTW. If the only thing you can do is breathe, you’re not in a good place.) 

And some people who knew me were angry – “What’s up with you? You used to DO things – MAKE things! Now you’re just gonna SIT there and be miserable?!”

Yep. Death is quite a thing to have to deal with, even if you can talk to the deceased after the funeral. It’s… it’s vaster than I realised… And watching someone die, watching them take their final breath is pretty fekking hardcore…

But even that’s not even it. 

It’s the difference between… one breath and the next. And that seems trivial. Until the next breath doesn’t come. 

Never comes.

And suddenly it’s the most important thing in the world.

H’s birthday passed and I didn’t talk to him. Months passed. Samhain and All Saints Day passed and I didn’t talk to him. His death day passed and I still didn’t fucking talk to him.

Last night I did.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
I’m back from the dead

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