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iamheretomockdestiel:talesofnecromancy:iamheretomockdestiel:There is this piece of local folklore…




There is this piece of local folklore that my grandmother told me- she told me that you must never wear red in the forest or the riverside because there are fairies there. I asked my mother and she explained that the fairies would latch onto red garments because it attracts them and they will come back with you and that’s bad or whatever because they don’t belong in this realm.

Back then I scoffed at my grandmother. Now I’m older and wiser and more of a lesbian and I have decided to go into these lovely Himalayan forests in my reddest outfit wearing my reddest lipstick and getting myself a fairy gf

Interesting – where are you from? Because various bits of UK folklore say that the fae can be confounded by the colour red: red vestments or string or even rowan berries (which are very red) can mess them up. 

I personally have been pixie lead four times. Once rendered null by rowan berries, once resolved null by poetry, one finally undone by a gift of fresh baked bread. The last was a Reynard fox who was a right little sod. This sort of thing can happen when you’re a witch.

If you feel the odd need to grab a fresh loaf or pick a berry? Do so. You’ll need it.

That’s interesting. The aforementioned lore is from India, but very localized there as well, from the mountains mostly.

As a witch I firmly believe that all these local lores coexist, and entities like fae and nymph exist in different forms and are bound by different rules in all these cultures. Which is why when you enter a new space you should consult the local legends.

I will keep your advice in mind! Every time I get an inkling to carry something while leaving for a place, I do so as a rule even if it makes little sense to me.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
iamheretomockdestiel:talesofnecromancy:iamheretomockdestiel:There is this piece of local folklore…

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