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Hurricane Joaquin Raises the DEAD

Hurricane Joaquin Raises the DEAD

Coffins floating

Hurricane Joaquin Raises the DEAD

South Carolina has been hit hard by Hurricane Joaquin with some places reporting as much as 20 inches of rain falling, and all this water has caused lots of problems, including raising the DEAD!

One cemetery called Springfield Cemetery on Samaria Road in Orangeburg, has so much water that several caskets have floated to the surface as can be seen in photos.

Floating coffin in South Carolina

Also in Evergreen Cemetery in Sumter, a single coffin was seen floating on the surface of the flood waters.

The grim sight also raises health concerns as floodwaters can spread toxic chemicals used in formaldehyde and other chemicals used in the embalming process, not to mention the ghosts of those that have been disturbed!




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Hurricane Joaquin Raises the DEAD

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