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Humming Shadow

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I have a few stories, some of which my parents told me recently, but this is the one that happened to me, personally.

It happened twenty years ago, when I was ten years old. I lived in a house where a few things happened, but when I told about them, I was told I had too much of an overactive imagination. Until recently, that is, when I talked to my mother about it again.

A few things occurred in this house in Quebec City, Canada. Once, the front door unlocked itself and slammed into the wall hard enough to leave a dent. The lock was heavy and made a loud “THUNK” when you unlocked it, and before said door was a solarium with THAT door still closed, so it was no wind. Another time, at night, I went to the bathroom and heard someone constantly call “I’m right here”, whispering it into my ear. Someone knocked at my bedroom door repeatedly. It could have been my dad, who sleepwalks, but I was never able to explain that same knocking at my window when my bedroom was on the second floor.

The most notable event, however, was during a summer night, when I woke up to what I can only describe as low, constant humming, like someone singing a song. It was always the same two notes. Low and high.  Low and high. On and on. The sound was distorted with what I can only describe as static. It was as though it was an old record being played through a very old gramophone. I was facing my wall when I heard this, and I figured my mother had her small radio on in the next room. I was about ready to get up and tell her to tone it down, not really thinking it was odd that it was just someone humming the same notes with no music to accompany it. So I turned, and froze… because on the side of my bed was a tall shadow figure. My room was dark, but the streetlight peered in so there was some light. Except this shadow outright sucked the light like a black hole. One side of the figure seemed in disarray, like its hair was sticking out if it was hair at all (today I think it was a hat, but anyway) and the other side was “smooth”.  It didn’t move and seemed to just stare down at me.

I hadn’t been truly frightened before, but this, I remember, had me tremble in fear. I faced the wall back and pulled the covers over my head. Eventually the humming died down, slowly tuning out like someone had turned the volume down until it was back to complete silence. I didn’t sleep the rest of the night and stayed trembling under my covers until my mother came to my room to tell me it was time to get up for summer camp. I was so terrified before then, that even as the sunlight came early in the morning, I stayed under the covers. I didn’t call to my parents because I was afraid this thing would answer instead of them….

After that, nothing much happened. I heard the humming once the year after, but it was very faint and there was no figure with it. We moved out of this house when I was 12 years old. Today I am 30 years old. My grand-parents are still alive and have always lived beside my old home. They have large bay windows that look right into that house. We live fairly far so I visit once or twice a year, and we sleep there for a few days. And every night I sleep there, I dream of something looking into my grand-parents home through what used to be my father’s window.  Or that I’m in the house and someone’s trying to talk to me, or I’m running from someone/something.

Recently I told my mother about it, and how they told me I had been dreaming when, to this day, I’m adamant I wasn’t asleep and I saw that shadow figure by my bed. She laughed and said “Oh, I believed you.” I was dumbstruck, and asked her why she said she didn’t back then, and she added, “Well, how do you tell a ten year old that yes, she did encounter a ghost or spirit without scaring them even more?”

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: 9/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!

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by cnkguy
Humming Shadow

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