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Hi – whoever is still here =)

So this started out – way back when – as transcribed conversations with my ghost, H. 

And then I didn’t have time to type anything up and it was more about witchcraft and necromancy aesthetics along with anything that reminded me of H. (Pianos, cards, TB, 1880s, the Wild West, storms, revolvers, Southern gothic, etc.) 

And then I ran out of pretty pictures and willpower entirely and everything went quiet. 

This blog and I are slowly coming back on line: I’m curating content and there may even be a conversation with H or two if for no other reason than apparently dealing hands-on with death has severe necromantic repercussions, and hey, you might enjoy the drama. (Someone should…)

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
Hi – whoever is still here =)

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