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Hey folks, happy #Saturday!! I just posted an extra special…

Hey folks, happy #Saturday!! I just posted an extra special sneak peek of my upcoming #blog and #YouTube Video about the Top 16 Most #Haunted #Restaurants & #Bars in #NewYork for all my $1+ #Patreon followers!! Over the last several months I’ve had to put my Patreon on the back burner while working on getting my three new #books finished (they were already written but needed to be edited/published), but now that I’m finally caught up on all that I’ll be resuming my usual biweekly blog posts and YouTube #video posts on Patreon. So if you guys haven’t checked it out yet, for just $1 you can get #EarlyAccess to all my blogs, videos, and other posts, and all my $10+ patrons also receive a #FREE, signed copy of all my upcoming paperbacks when they release on #Amazon. As most of you know, I do all the #writing, #editing, #narration, graphic design, web development, and so much more myself, and I appreciate your support so much!!! Especially those of you who have supported me on Patreon during my recent hospitalization, #surgery, and diagnosis with #epilepsy. You guys mean SO MUCH to me and I can’t even begin to express how #thankful I am for your #love and #support. You guys are the best!!!

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by cnkguy
Hey folks, happy #Saturday!! I just posted an extra special…

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