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Hello Miss

poeticizedpeonies submitted:

My great aunt used to own this huge, old house out in the middle of nowhere in new york. Back then, her and her husband hosted christmas every year and most years, we spent the holidays there. One time, when i was staying there, i was in one of the rooms upstairs. I never usually went upstairs, especially alone and at night, because i always got a weird feeling as soon as i set foot on the stairs. But, that year she had a full house, and so me and my parents had to sleep upstairs.
One night when i was there, i woke up to go go to the bathroom. I felt a little uneasy, but i just assumed it was my anxiety. Until, when walking back to my room, i heard a voice. It was a deep, twangy voice, that definitely didnt belong to anyone else in the house. It said “hello, miss”. I looked up, startled, to see a cowboy lookin man standing there. He wasnt completely opaque. I could see the wall through him. I ran back to my room, and woke my mom to tell her. Come to find out…i wasnt the only one who’d seen him that week.

FYNK James: 6/10 Damn Christmas cowboy ghosts, how’d they get to new york? Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
Hello Miss

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