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Haunted Life

kaydeekrunk submitted:

So my life has been filled with the paranormal. The only explanation I have for it is that I must be some sort of magnet for spirits. In the house I moved into just a few years ago I’ve already had a gambit of occurrences. From whispers to full apparitions to balls of light. We even had a bathroom ghost for a while who enjoyed throwing things across the shower and unrolled the t.p. for me as I used the toilet… Yeah it was pretty weird.

Well we had a huge fire here and I had to evacuate from my home for over a week and once we returned it was as if all of the spirits decided to leave for some reason. Maybe it was the stress or the house being empty for so long, but they all left. For a while nobody had any experiences, that was until my mom’s boyfriend moved into the house.

He moved in just before Halloween and we had put up decorations in the foyer, like every year. We stuffed a Slenderman costume and put it “crawling” over the arched entrance.

The occurances started again one morning I had the house to myself, I took a shower and outside the glass walls I saw 2 semi- apparitions right after another. First a floating head bobbing like a balloon against a ceiling coming out of the closet right next to the shower, then an arm moving in a similar fashion towards the shutters on the window. They were both a light gray “smokey” texture and I finished up in the shower as quick as possible and got out of there.

That night when everyone was asleep I was walking past the foyer with food from the kitchen and the stuffed Slenderman turned his head away as if he’d just been looking at me while I was in the kitchen.

Since then I’ve been hearing whispers and noises constantly, someone was sniffing me in the kitchen and I thought it was a dog and told them to get out of the kitchen and my boyfriend had both the dogs in the living room…Someone whispered my name right behind my ear, went to thwap my boyfriend for scaring me and nothing was there and I remembered he wasn’t in the room. The most haunting thing was when I went into the kitchen and was getting stuff out of the fridge and turned to put it on the counter and full bodied apparition of a man laying on his arms and looking towards me sitting at the table, I saw it for a brief moment as I turned from the counter to the fridge but as soon as it registered I turned back and he was gone, he was like a shadow but his eyes reflected the light of the fridge and his face held such a deep penetrating sadness that haunts me, even though I saw it so briefly I can remember it so clearly.

Stuff like that has been happening consistently again and it worries me about my mom’s boyfriend and why these things would have only started happening after he showed up.

James: 7/10 I really liked the part about the Slenderman figure. I was waiting for it to move and then it did and awesome. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
Haunted Life

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