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Haunted Headlines: February 2018

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A cursed tree. A possessed film star. The ghost of an amorous pirate. February was full of stories both creepy and strange. Here are 11 chilling tales that made headlines last month.

‘The Most Haunted Pub in Durham’ to be Transformed Into a Gin Bar
February 26, 2018

“Famous for being Durham’s most haunted pub, The Shakespeare is about to become known for a different type of spirit.”

$52.5 Million Stonington Mansion Haunted By Ghost for Nearly a Century
February 23, 2018

“It turns out that Melbourne’s priciest property could be a haunted mansion. The mansion made headlines last week when it was revealed to be at the centre of a $52.5 million property deal that made it the city’s priciest residential property. But it’s not just a terrifying price tag that could leave its future residents pale.”

Woman Reveals How to Have Mind-Blowing Sex with Ghosts After Marrying 300-Year-Old Pirate
Daily Star
February 20, 2018

“A woman who married a 300-year-old pirate ghost has unveiled the bizarre secrets of their sex life. Amanda, who previously worked as a Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator, hopes the ‘taboo’ around ghost sex will soon be removed. She said: ‘It’s called spectrophilia, so it is kind of an orientation.’”

Savannah’s ‘Haunted Past’ Featured in Latest Episode of Popular Ghost Stories Podcast, ‘Lore’
Savannah Now
February 20, 2018

“The Lore podcast, which is ranked among the top 100 podcasts on iTunes, featured Savannah in its most recent episode, titled “Dark Imports.” The episode looked at four famous ghost stories from the Hostess City.”

The Story of the Ghostly Child That Haunts Leicester’s Haymarket Theatre
Leicester Mercury
February 18, 2018

“The theatre – built on the site of Victorian shops and pubs – has previously been rumoured to be the home of a ghostly boy.”

UK’s First Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre Set to Open in Hinckley
Leicester Mercury 
February 17, 2018

“The Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre is being opened by local paranormal investigator Neil Packer, who plans to conduct a number of different types of research via live feeds, as well as open it up to the general public at weekends.”

Reportedly Haunted Portrait Spooking Visitors at West Virginia Museum
West Virginia Explorer
February 14, 2018

“Of more than 400 artifacts collected in this museum of the paranormal in West Virginia’s ‘city of the dead,’ one is attracting more attention than all others, though curators are at a loss to explain why.”

Car Destroyed in Sudden Blaze Near ‘Haunted’ Caterham Tree
Croydon Advertiser
February 12, 2018

“A car suddenly burst into flames next to an ancient “cursed” tree sending black smoke billowing along a busy road. Some believe the tree is under the curse of a witch, other stories say it is haunted by the spirit of a little girl.”

‘American Horror Story’ Mansion’s New Owner Tormented by Fans, Ghosts
February 9, 2018

“The new owners of the mansion famous for its role in the first season of American Horror Story are suing the brokers who negotiated the 2015 sale, alleging the agents did not disclose that the house appeared in the TV show. The couple is also disturbed that the seller and brokers failed to mention the house was haunted by two ghosts.”

Are These Derby’s Most Haunted Hair Salons?
Derby Telegraph
February 8, 2018

“A little ghost dog and soldiers marching have been spotted inside two Derby hair salons. But Sally Montague, who has been a hairdresser in Derby for more than 40 years, says she’s not frightened by the ghostly-going on.”

Cambodian Actress Allegedly Possessed While Playing Ghost in Movie
Indian Express
February 8, 2018

“An evil spirit allegedly possessed a Cambodian actress on the set of a horror film, causing her to attack a co-star. A video on social media shows the actress sitting eerily in a room, with other cast members crowded outside the door.”

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Haunted Headlines: February 2018

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