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Haunted by Heartbreak: 8 Tragic Tales of Love Gone Wrong

Love is hard. Letting go is even harder. From unforgivable betrayals to wedding-day horrors, here are eight tragic tales of love gone wrong and the ghosts that remain.

Abandoned at the Altar

The Alpha Gamma Delta sorority house in Athens, Georgia hosts more than exclusive parties and secret initiation rites. This historic home also harbors the heartbroken ghost of a beautiful young woman abandoned at the altar.

According to local legend, former state senator James Carithers purchased the home in 1913 for his daughter, Susie, and her handsome young fiancé. All was well until the day of the wedding, when the husband-to-be never showed. Humiliated, Susie fled to the attic and hanged herself from the rafters. Her ghost remains to this day.

Throughout the years, sorority members have reported a number of strange occurrences, including unexplained noises, shadowy figures, and objects that move by themselves. However, the ghost isn’t out to harm anyone. In fact, the spirit many know as Susie serves as a sort of matchmaker. Legend has it members who see her will find love soon after.

A Sordid Affair

The Sorrel-Weed House in Savannah, Georgia first belonged to wealthy shipping merchant Francis Sorrel. Though Francis was married, legend has it that a beautiful slave named Molly caught his eye. In fact, Sorrel was so enamored by Molly that he arranged for her to live in private quarters above the carriage house. There, the two romped until Sorrel’s wife, Matilda, discovered the sordid affair.

Devastated by her husband’s betrayal, Matilda leaped from a second story balcony and died in the courtyard below. A few days after Matilda’s death, servants discovered Molly hanging from a noose in the carriage house. Now, the tragic women reportedly haunt the Sorrel-Weed mansion.

Eerie events at the 179-year-old site include odd thuds and bangs, disembodied voices, and shadowy forms. Many visitors also report feeling violently ill. In 2005, the Ghost Hunters crew recorded a startling EVP of a woman screaming in pain, fear, or both.

Wedding Day Heartbreak

Located in Stowe, Vermont, Gold Brook Bridge, or Emily’s Bridge, is nearly 175 years old. The wooden structure has witnessed a lot of history throughout the years, including the tragic death of a jilted young woman said to haunt the bridge to this day.

According to local legend, a young woman named Emily donned a red dress on her wedding day and waited for her betrothed to arrive at the church. The groom never showed, and in a fit of grief, Emily fled with the family wagon. Furious and heartbroken, the distracted young woman missed a crucial turn and crashed into the brook, killing herself and the horses drawing her carriage.

Now, many Stowe residents are certain Gold Brook Bridge is haunted. Reports tell of scratch marks mysteriously appearing on parked vehicles and howls coming from the brook. Visitors who explore the structure on foot, hear bangs, screams, and sobbing. Some people have even spotted a white apparition floating near the bridge’s entrance.

Lovers’ Leap

Do the ghosts of doomed lovers haunt a jagged cliff in Hot Springs, North Carolina? Local legend says yes.

The story goes something like this. Long ago, a beautiful Cherokee woman named Mist-on-the-Mountain eloped with Magwa, a handsome member of a visiting tribe. However, the couple’s happiness didn’t last long. Soon after the union, a jealous suitor named Tall Pine murdered Magwa in a fit of rage. Devastated, Mist-on-the-Mountain fled from the scene and hurled herself over a steep cliff overlooking the French Broad River. Now, they say, the doomed lovers haunt the ledge and river below.

A book published in 1906 claims that each June, during the full moon, Mist-on-the-Mountain’s spirit returns to reenact her fateful leap. Three moonshiners in 1875 reportedly witnessed the scene and warned others against ever setting visiting the cliff at night.

Maid in Despair

Oklahoma’s Skirvin Hilton Hotel regularly hosts basketball teams in town to play the Oklahoma City Thunder. The 108-year-old building also has a reputation for being haunted.

Legend has it a maid named Effie jumped from an upper floor with her baby after the hotel’s owner and child’s father, W.B. Skirvin, locked her in a room to prevent a scandal. The spurned maid is now said to roam the hotel, slamming doors, peeping at men in the shower, and even propositioning male guests. Visitors also report awakening to the sound of a wailing baby.

The Scorned Miner

tombstone arizona's buford house

Despite what traditional ghost tales might suggest, not all lovesick ghosts are women. The heartbroken spirit of a scorned man reportedly haunts the historic Buford House in Tombstone, Arizona.

A miner named George Daves once lived at the Buford House, and fell in love with a young woman named Petra. The two were happy together until Petra reportedly snubbed George by walking home with another man. On April 14, 1888, an enraged George shot Petra four times before turning the gun on himself. Petra survived, but the scorned miner died from a gunshot wound to the head.

Though George Daves died in 1888, many believe the young man never left his former home. A couple that once owned The Buford House reported a number of strange occurrences, including lights turning off and on, raps in the walls, and a doorbell that rang every morning at 3 a.m.

Off With Her Head

Anne Boleyn is arguably the most famous of King Henry VIII’s wives. Henry was so smitten by the dark-haired beauty that he declared himself head of the English church, invalidated his 24-year marriage to Queen Katherine, and married Anne. Despite all this, Anne eventually lost the king’s favor and lost her head on the chopping block. She now haunts the Tower of London, the site of her execution.

In one well-known story, a Tower guard noticed an eerie light shining from inside an old church within the Tower of London. When he climbed a ladder to investigate, the guard saw Anne leading a ghostly procession that faded away as he watched.

In 1817, a sentry allegedly died of a heart attack after seeing Anne’s ghost on the stairs. In 1864, several soldiers witnessed a headless woman in white darting around the fortress. Some say Anne’s ghost still roams the site of her execution, severed head in arms.

Lost Love

17hundred90 inn savannah

According to local lore, a young woman named Anna died at Savannah’s historic 17Hundred90 Inn after suffering a broken heart. It seems Anna fell in love with a handsome sailor who skipped town after promising to marry her. Devastated, Anna hurled herself from the window of Room 204 and died in a crumpled heap on the ground below.

Now, the heartbroken ghost haunts Room 204. Guests have startled awake to the sound of shattering glass or the sight of a shadowy figure hovering near the foot of the bed. Women leave their jewelry or toiletries one place only to find them somewhere else in the morning. In fact, legend has it that Anna despises female guests and will pull their hair or push them off the bed in the middle of the night.



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Haunted by Heartbreak: 8 Tragic Tales of Love Gone Wrong

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