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Haunted Big Sur Lighthouse | The Grave Talks Preview

Originally commissioned in 1889, the Big Sur Lighthouse has been a beacon for those coming off the ocean in peace, and a final sign of life, as many lives were swept up by the ocean as their ships went down. Not only has what is now known as the Haunted Big Sur Lighthouse been a structure by the sea, it has been home to many families employed to watch the building and to keep its lights shining bright.

Many of the families who called the haunted Big Sur Lighthouse home lasted less than one year before calling it quits. Maybe it was the isolation of living in such tight quarters that drove them out. It could have been the constant anxiety that they felt, watching ships come in and many… Go down. Either way, emotions ran high in the Big Sur Lighthouse for many generations.

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by cnkguy
Haunted Big Sur Lighthouse | The Grave Talks Preview

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