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Happy Anniversary – 4 Years of!!

Happy Anniversary – 4 Years of!!:

Hey guys! This month marks the 4-year #anniversary for GhostQuest, and I’ve written a special #blog post as a shoutout to all you folks who have embarked on this awesome #paranormal adventure with me! I’m going to share it here but would also love for you guys to leave me a comment by clicking the link here:

Hey everyone! Around this time in April four years ago, saw it’s humble, yet ambitious beginnings. It’s mind blowing to me how far this project has come, and how many amazing friends I’ve made on this journey. I just want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone reading this, and everyone who has decided to join me on this awesome paranormal adventure! The fact that I’ve gotten to know so many new people through – and even form some lifelong friendships with some of you along the way – is just completely amazing to me! Thank you all so much!

When I started in April of 2016 I had no idea what the future would have in store. At first, came into existence as nothing more than a bulleted list of allegedly haunted locations in each state throughout the USA, offering nothing more than an index. I spent hundreds of hours over the course of several months compiling what I hoped would be the most comprehensive guide for folklore and haunted locations on the internet, and after four years I’m finally starting to get there!!

I say “starting to get there” because despite researching and writing about over 5,000 haunted locations throughout the United States, I’ve still just barely scratched the surface. Over the last several years,’s list of haunted places has expanded to include detailed historical information about each location, as well as reports of paranormal activity, and other useful information such as location addresses and GPS coordinates. Furthermore, I’ve been going through and adding new pages for each city so that people using my site can see a smaller list of locations instead of having to sort through a list with hundreds. These smaller pages also include a few really cool additional features, such as a widget to rate each location, photos, and sections for users to submit their own ghost stories, feedback, or pictures. You can see some examples of what I mean by clicking the links below:

Boston, Massachusetts  –  Detroit, Michigan  –  Mackinac Island, Michigan  –  New York City  – ​Staten Island, New York

Alright, so if that wasn’t enough for your guys, last year I also started the YouTube Channel, where I do some spooky narration videos about some of the locations I’ve written about, as well as some other subjects, like urban legends, cryptids, and more as I feel the muse! These YouTube Videos are released alongside my weekly blog, which features a number of spooky haunted locations and folklore tales. Additionally, saw the addition of a Media section where you can check out my videos directly from my site, and a section for podcasts that have featured! If you haven’t checked them out, I highly recommend it!

Last year also saw the addition of the Monthly Newsletter, where subscribers get a monthly email to keep up with all the spooky happenings over here at Subscribers also receive a free copy of my Top 5 American Monsters eBook!! The last and possibly most exciting thing I want to share is that last year I began writing a book series called The Folklore & Haunted Locations Guide, which will be published as a series beginning later this year with The Folklore & Haunted Locations Guide: New York. My Folklore & Haunted Locations Guide: Massachusetts and Folklore & Haunted Locations Guide: Michigan are also in various stages of production, so keep an eye out for those in the near future as well!

So with all that being said, here’s to another spooky year of! I can’t help but feel a sense of pride in the community that we’ve created, and this journey we’ve all embarked on together. ​​


Brian Weaver,  

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Happy Anniversary – 4 Years of!!

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