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Guardian Angel

frenchk1sses submitted:

(this is a long story, takes place over multiple years)When I was in the second grade, my parents finally decided we were moving out my grandparent’s house and finally going to settle into our very own home.

We saw this house daily, we always passed it on the way to the super market or doing daily things. My mom was in love with this house from the moment she stepped in. Three stories, victorian, beautiful front deck, two and a half acres of land, a beautiful river in the backyard, it looked like a house from a magazine. Finally my parents decided we were moving in, it was too good of a deal to pass up. 

The very first time I stepped foot into the house, i got this feeling of being watched, and like i was unwanted, but i was only seven at the time, i just ignored it. Finally we move in, my room was this giant old play room where the old family that lived here made it their kid’s play room, there was little paper animals all over the walls, bears, giraffes, dogs, cats. The floor was a white tile with rainbow glitter on it, but my mom covered it up with tan carpeting. 

Soon as days go by, i start waking up in the middle of the night in pain, massive pain, where i cry, and would have no idea why. My mom would inspect me, finding scratch marks on my body and nasty bruises. One night it was so bad, i woke up to find as if someone with long nails clawed my wrist to the point of bleeding. The school thought my parents were abusing me, which everyone in my house knew they weren’t. My mom and dad kept passing it off as me being a restless sleeper and hurting myself, even though they were so freaked out. Nothing happened to my brother, ever, so they figured it was just me.

Till one day i stayed home sick with the flu and my mom was in the kitchen making the typical Campbells chicken noodle soup and crackers for lunch, when apparently she heard as if i was stomping up and down the stairs. She quickly went to go to the stairway to yell at me, when the stomping stopped and my door at the top of the stairs opened and closed with a loud slam. I was sleeping during this and woke up, then found my mom rushing into my room to yell at me. Both confused and such we went downstairs and i ate my soup in the living room as we watched tv, my room right above us, when we heard as if someone was throwing things in my room. Being only us in the house, and we only had cats, my mom called my dad to come home quickly. He rushed home and got a gun and went to my room finding my room basically torn apart. My bed thrown across the room, books scattered across the floor, just a huge mess. My parents tried to pass it off as an intruder. How could someone get to the second story with nothing to grab onto or anything? Plus it was the dead of winter and the windows were all locked. 

This went on for a few more years, just getting worse, to the point we heard things. Just evil things coming from the attic, stomping as if someone was walking upstairs when we were all downstairs, things missing, things being moved, seeing doors open and close by themselves. It was really creepy.

Finally i get to be about ten now when i’m in my room, and for christmas i finally got the epic stereo i wanted, it played six cd’s and everything. Also it was a huge hunk of plastic, but hey it was like ‘03, that’s how it goes. I was playing some cd’s and i got up to get something from my dresser , my stereo at my hip when all of a sudden i wake up on the floor, the side of my head bleeding, the stereo on the floor beside me and my mom saying she found me unconscious, no idea what happened, but i assume the stereo “attacked me”.

Shortly after this, my mom starts to get sick and ends up actually dying in the hospital. I wasn’t staying at my home, i was staying at my grandparents with multiple family members, till way after my mother’s funeral. My dad decides finally we can go home and just grieve together. I walk into the house, the atmosphere is totally different, it felt safe, something i never felt before. 

All the activity ceased as soon as my mother died.

A few years later, my dad begins dating and this woman claims she’s a medium. My dad didn’t tell her his wife died yet,so this was weird. She wanted to meet me and go get ice cream, we go to dairy queen and we sit down and her question was. “So, how did your wife die?” We look at each other creeped out, and  she smiles at me and goes “She’s protecting your daughter, very very protective of that little girl.” Then went on to describe my mother and even said her name, my mom had a rare name, Laurel. Not quite common like Ann, Mary, Emily, so it’s not something to just guess. My dad continues to date her, and she went to go upstairs to go the bathroom and i was in my bedroom with the door open, and she comes to my doorway. “Crazy, i can feel the evil spirits, but your mom is keeping them away. She’s standing in your doorway, keeping them from harming you. This is your safe haven, and she’s your guardian angel.” I laughed, she came off as a whackjob, so i didn’t believe her.

Soon i’d hang out with someone who believed in ghosts and then they’d be like “There’s a woman behind you..” and always described her and said her name. This sort of annoyed me, how come they could see my mother but not me? Did she not want to scare me? Was i not opening up enough? 

Soon people said they stopped seeing her, i felt hurt at the fact she left. Up until about two years ago i had a battle with depression and almost killed myself and went into a hospital to get help. A lot of kids were there some six to kids who were about to turn eight-teen. It was divided boys and girls, and i sat down in the seating area and this little girl came up to me with a smile, she had to be maybe seven, asks “Did your mommy come to visit you?” and i shook my head, not wanting to really tell her about my mom. “Then who’s the lady next to you?” I look over, no one’s there, and i look back at her with a smirk thinking this girl is totally just trying to spook me. “She’s saying she’s your mommy.“ 

This story is to tell you, you really do have guardian angels, not to scare anyone. They might not want to prove it to you, but they are there, only when you need them. Sometimes when i’m crying i’ll smell my mom’s perfume in the air, or i’ll feel a cold spot. An old indian folk tale says when you’re crying that means a loved one(a ghost) is in your presence. Maybe it is true, who knows. I still get told by people now sometimes she’s here, sometimes she isn’t. I’ve gotten weird things to happen, the radio will randomly turn on to one of her favorite songs, especially around christmas time. Sometimes there will be a random picture of my mom sitting out of no where. I’m 18 now, and grew up without a mom, but it’s nice to still have her in a different sense. 

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: It started out scary but got very bittersweet. I’m so sorry you lost your mum but very glad that she stayed with you! 9/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!

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by cnkguy
Guardian Angel

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