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Grey days tinged red…

So apparently, Covid19 can give you lung fibrosis. 

This is one of the things TB used to do: made fibres grow between your lungs and your lung cavity walls that shortened your breath, made it hard to expand your lungs to breathe easily, and could be very painful to break if you laughed, sneezed or had a coughing fit. 

My coughing bullshit has continued long after the fever and illness passed three months ago. And I am exhausted most of the time. I cough any time I’m tired or cold or in any way inconvenienced. Which apparently means the virus is gone but my lungs have issues, otherwise I wouldn’t still be coughing all the bloody time. 

And this is why I can’t talk to H right now – because he cannot know. 

He thought he fixed it. I don’t want to know what he might try if I tell him otherwise. He was always terrified he’d give me TB.

Covid19, kill me or go away. Although ironically and historically speaking, well done, full marks, I always wanted to die of TB – you’re just a spectacularly rubbish version of it and dear gods you are so very ineffectual and taking your godsdamn time about it…

I don’t want to make H unhappy: please give me proper TB or sod off.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
Grey days tinged red…

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