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Great Grandma's Turban

rendezvouswithdestiny submitted: 

I haven’t really had any experiences with the paranormal (something I’m very thankful for), but some other people in my family have, particularly my sister. This story is about my grandma though, and it’s kind of funny to me. 

When she was a little girl in the 30s she and her cousin used to play a lot in the attic of their old house. The attic was a fairly nice one with a big window on one side and a shaft on the other where an old fireplace had been. The way the attic was laid out, when you went up the stairs, you were directly facing the old fireplace shaft. One time when she and her cousin were playing, they decided to race each other up the stairs. When they both got to the top, my grandma looked up at the shaft and saw the head of her grandmother (who’d been dead a few years) in a purple turban, floating in the air, staring at her with her mouth open. She looked over at her cousin and asked “Do you see that?” Her cousin nodded and said “Yep.” and they immediately turned in unison and ran down the stairs. 

To this day the fact that she was wearing a purple turban baffles and confuses me (as well as my grandma). 

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: That’s kind of funny even though I’m sure it was terrifying for her. 5/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!

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by cnkguy
Great Grandma's Turban

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