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Grandpa's "everything will be ok"

cutebutpsycho83 submitted:

Ok, so I just found your blog and thought this would be the perfect place to talk about my dream the other night. Bit of a backstory. Since August I have had 4 deaths, in my family. The first death was my grandfather and his death was 2 days before my birthday. Mind you, out of all my grandparents he was the one I was closest to the most. I lost my uncle in February, my grandmother, other side of family, earlier this month, and I just lost my mother in law(MiL) Monday.

Now my MiL had Alzheimer’s and the last few months she had regressed majorly. About two weeks ago she was placed on hospice care, in home. Since I worked 3rds, I would come home, feed her and change her. That was my morning routine. Sunday night I happened to have a night off and during the night I had a dream. Now at first I really thought I was hugging my grandmother, grandpa’s widow, but now I am wondering if it was my husband’s aunt. Anyways we were at some type of party, I was hugging this older family member. When I turned around I saw grandpa standing there. I walk up to him and hug him and as we were hugging he told me that everything will be ok. I then wake up. So I do what I normally do, I check on my MiL. And snce it is still pretty early I tell my MiL I was going to lay back down for a bit. Later after I got back up all I could think about was grandpa saying it was going to be ok. As I started to take care of my MiL I noticed she was acting different, she was showing signs of her body failing. I called hospice and 30 minutes after they get to the house she passes away. The whole time I was sitting with her, waiting for Hospice I knew she wasnt going to make it through the night. And I felt peace, because grandpa was there. Telling me it was ok.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Answered: I’m glad you found peace. 6/10




by cnkguy
Grandpa's "everything will be ok"

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