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Grandma Betty

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My grandmother Betty passed away back in 2008. She was a wonderful woman, cared very much for her family, and had the perpetual habit of worrying about them, especially her grandkids. I remember growing up, and if I was out to late, my poor grandma would be worrying her head off, her hands shaking from worrying. We were all deeply upset when she passed away.

Well Grandma being grandma, still worried about her grandkids, especially my two younger cousins. There were two separate instances where apparently Grandma was watching over the kids. The first was at my uncle’s house.  One of the cousins was laying on the couch, using his phone. The phone went dark for a moment, and he’s rather shocked to see a reflection of my grandma standing by the wall on his phone. He quickly rolls over and of course, nothing’s there.

The second instance happened to his younger brother. His brother had gotten into a car accident, and was in the hospital overnight to make sure he was alright. I want to note this is actually the same hospital my grandmother had passed away in(She had suffered two heart attacks and didn’t survive) the room my grandmother had passed away in was only a room or two away from the room he was in. His parents, being good parents were at the hospital with him. His father was out in the waiting area, and noticed something odd.

The waiting area has a couple set of doors in it. The first one led directly outside and was a door that had the pressure sensor on it to slide open. The second one, was one that led into the patience rooms. The second door had to be accessed with a code from the outside, and the inside you to push a button to open it up. My uncle noticed that while he was sitting there, the doors kept opening and closing, by themselves. The entire time he was watching the doors when they opened by themselves, nobody was near them. Nobody to set off the pressure pads, nobody to enter the code, and nobody to push the button.

After this happened a few times, my uncle says out loud. “Damn it mom, would you sit down!” and sure enough, after that, the doors stopped opening and closing by themselves. I guess Grandma was still watching over her grandkids.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: Aw! More sweet than scary. 3/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!

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Grandma Betty

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