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Good Job!

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My childhood home and elementary/middle school were in the woods outside a large city in Ontario, Canada, the sort of woods where the trees can get tens of metres high. Often very spooky, but mostly in a grand, awe-inspiring kind of way.

The school was attached to a wildlife centre, and the partnership got us a lot of nice facilities. I think we were the first school in the district to have a computer lab.

One day, in fourth grade, my mom called to say she’d be late picking me up, and I asked the office if I could wait in the lab and play a game.

I was in there alone about 45 minutes, playing a basic math skills game called Math Circus. It was my favourite, although I wasn’t and never have been great at math. I didn’t notice at first because I was so focused, but the lab’s lights started dimming or flickering when I was stuck in a minigame, then suddenly pop back on when I solved it.

When I did notice, I just pretended I was psychic and doing it myself. It was winter, already dark outside with high winds, so not strange for the lights to be twitchy.

But I got stuck for a really long time on one game, and the more stressed I got, the lower the lights went, until they started making this constant low buzzing, louder and louder, that just annoyed me even more.

I was about to quit the game in frustration, but the lights came back up and I suddenly felt this squeezing pressure around my chest and a surge of energy like I just needed to make one more try!

And as soon as I did and won the game, the feeling just snapped away from me and I felt these two, heavy pats on my shoulder like someone was saying, “Good job!”

Psychic or not, that scared the crap out of me! and I ran out of there as fast as I could and back to the office. I don’t think I was ever brave enough to be in there alone again.

Twenty years later, though, I feel a little guilty, so I’d just like to say:

Thank you, math ghost. You believed in me!

FYNK James: 4/10 Ok, I wasn’t sure where that was going but it was cute. I’d still be freaked out though if that happened to me. Thanks for sharing!




by cnkguy
Good Job!

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