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Goatman’s BridgeOscar Washburn was a prosperous African American…

Goatman’s Bridge

Oscar Washburn was a prosperous African American goat farmer back in the 1930’s in Denton County, Texas. He was better known as “The Goatman” who sold the meat, milk and hides from his goats. However his profitable business would be the death of him. One day he hung a sign off the Old Alton Bridge to point people towards his farm, “This Way to the Goatman!” it said.

Upon seeing the advertisement, the local Ku Klux Klan was infuriated. On a night darker than most they drug Oscar from his home and to the Old Alton Bridge where they had a noose waiting. They tightened it around his neck and threw him over the bridge, but Oscar never made it to the bottom of the rope.

When the Klan members went down to the bank of the Hickory Creek to see Oscar’s lifeless body they only found an empty noose silently swinging below the bridge. Out of panic the Klan members ran back to his farm and burned it down with his family still inside.

In the years that followed the bridge became known as Goatman’s Bridge, and fell victim to vandalism and was a popular spot for Satan worship. Paranormal reports include glowing red eyes in the dark and a man with the head of a goat which is sometimes carrying the heads of goats. They say the vengeful spirit of the Goatman brings with him the smell of decaying flesh. Demonic spirits are also said to haunt the bridge and surrounding woods due to the Satanist activity.

They say if you venture out onto the bridge at night and tap 3 times on the bridge the Goatman will emerge from the shadows to pay you a visit. These stories seem far fetched and exaggerated, but are you brave enough to find out for yourself? The Goatman awaits your arrival.

Source: My Haunted Salem

by cnkguy
Goatman’s BridgeOscar Washburn was a prosperous African American…

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