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Glass Heart

cassanthemums submitted:

there is a shower in the master bathroom and the two walls that aren’t part of the house are glass. one day maybe four years ago, i was at school and my mom was making dinner early. As she’s standing at the stove, she hears what she had compared to gunshots, then glass hitting the floor. (since the bathroom floors are tile) She went to check it out to see if something (or someone) was in the house somehow, and when she checks the bathroom, the shower wall has a perfectly carved heart in the direct middle of it. 

Me, my mom, my dad and like four of my friends saw it. I even stuck my hand through the middle. There was glass all over and it took a week to clean. the guy who repaired it said he had never seen the glass a) break cleanly like this and b) never heart shaped.

the reason i’m sharing this is because it’s the anniversary of the event tomorrow and i was in the bathroom and i stepped on a large hunk of glass form when the glass broke. (my foot is fine i didn’t step too hard) It is also the anniversary of my great grandmother dying tomorrow. 

James: 5/10 That is really weird, interesting possible symbolism a ghost or whatever could be trying to communicate. Thanks for sharing!




by cnkguy
Glass Heart

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