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girl in the glass

errantphilosophia submitted

So 10 of us guys had a sleep over, all laid out in sleeping bags on the lounge room floor, the parents of the house went out for the evening leaving us with a pizza. Food consumed, the younger kids of the family put to bed we guys decide to have a seance. Now only the guy whos house we’re in knows but my younger cousin died two weeks prior of leukemia. The up turned pizza box is drawn into a ouija and the questions commence. 

Now someone notices through the frosted glass sliding doors the younger sister of the party holder is standing next to her bedroom door listening so commando style myself and the owner crawl on our stomachs out the room through the rest of the house to confront her from the opposite end of the hall, but to our surprise she’s not there, a quick check and yes she’s fast asleep. The sliding doors are a bit noisy so we go back the way we come only to be confronted with “ why didn’t you tell her off she’s still there” and sure enough it appeared she was still standing at her door you could quite easily see the tiny figure in her long white nightie and dark hair.

 I strode up and quickly slide a door open to confront her and nothing was there all ten of us 11yr old boys looked dumbfounded, i shut the door and the image was gone. The lights were immediately turned on the younger kids were quietly checked on and we waited for the parents to come home in the well lit house.

 Now what messed us up was when i shut the door i collapsed onto the lounge and told them the story of my cousin, who was buried in a long white brides maids gown and her dark wig cos her hair was gone from chemo.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: Sorry for your loss 🙁 8/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!

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girl in the glass

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