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Ginger’s PlaceJacksonville, FloridaGinger’s Place is one of the…

Ginger’s Place
Jacksonville, Florida

Ginger’s Place is one of the oldest bars on Jacksonville Beach. It was owned and operated by Ginger Payson right up until her death in 2003 and it has now been passed on to her family.

It is these family members who first noticed the paranormal activity in the property not long after Ginger had passed away. Customers and employees alike have experienced someone or something brushing against their legs and they have also seen shadows or dark silhouettes walking in and out of the back room when there is nobody in that area.

There is also a sign that is always falling to the floor as though it has been pushed over and sometimes staff say money appears on the bar as if from nowhere! It is believed that Ginger is not the first spirit to inhabit the property.

There is also said to be the spirit of an old man who died while using the jukebox and the spirits of some shrimpers who lived in the property, but died at sea.

The owners are keen to make it known that the spirits of Ginger’s Place are totally harmless, but they urge visitors to raise a glass to Ginger when they visit, just as a mark of respect!

Source: My Haunted Salem

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Ginger’s PlaceJacksonville, FloridaGinger’s Place is one of the…

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