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Ghosts of the Titanic


We all know the history of the Titanic. The HMS Titanic set
sail on April 10th, 1912 and sunk 4 days later on April the 14th,
when it hit an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean and went down as one of the most
tragic events in maritime history.

It is said that the wreck of the Titanic is haunted. There
have been several reports of crew members of ships passing through seeing orbs
of light above the water and underneath the waves, which is often accompanied
by a mysterious radio disturbance as well as SOS signals out of nowhere.

Perhaps one of the more notable paranormal experiences took
place in 1977 aboard a ship called the SS Winterhaven where an Officer claims
to have seen an apparition of a passenger who seemed to have an interest in all
the details of the ships. Later on, the Officer realized after seeing a picture
of him that is was the Captain of the Titanic, Edward John Smith. He has been reportedly
seen on other ships as well and is even said to haunt his home in England. The
homeowners who rented the house said that their tenants who complain about
banging, cold spots, and unexplainable floods, and the apparition of Smith it
what would have been his bedroom.

One of the more active sites is that of the “Titanic: The
Artifact Exhibition” which has over 300 artifacts in Las Vegas, Nevada. Visitors
have often reported feelings of being followed, disembodied voices or
footsteps, or being touched. Not to mention there have been claims of shadow
figures wandering the halls. One of the most well-known spirits of the exhibition
is that of Fredrick Fleet, who was the lookout the spotted the iceberg. Even
though he survived, he still had feelings of guilt that tormented him till the
day he died in 1964 when he killed himself. He mostly haunts the Promenade Deck
of the exhibition.

Another ghostly incident occurred on opening day when a
photographer was setting up and saw a woman in period clothes walking down the grand
staircase. Thinking she was an extra he asked for a picture, but she didn’t
answer and vanished into thin air.

Another example of spiritual activity, which was caught on
security camera footage, was of a picture falling over in the middle of the
night. No one knew how is got there. Supposedly, it also shakes on its own. Paranormal
investigators have caught several EVPs and pictures of orbs.

Another exhibit that is said to be haunted is the exhibit at
the Georgia Aquarium, which is so haunted that Ghost Hunters went there to
investigate and caught EVP recordings of the supposed victims of the Titanic.
One of the strangest claims of paranormal activity actually doesn’t revolve
around an artifact, but actually a replica of one. Wyatt Johnson created a 200
Ib. model of the Titanic which is insanely accurate right down to the hallways
and stairs. He claims to have heard noises coming from inside his replica prompting
him to take pictures of it. In one of the pictures he says there is a figure of
a man looking out from one of the windows. He says doors around his house
mysteriously shut or open when no one is there.

What do you think? Do think the spirits of the Titanic are
at unrest?

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
Ghosts of the Titanic

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