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Ghosts of the Boxing Day Tsunami

On December 26, 2004, exactly 18 years ago today, a massive undersea quake triggered a series of tsunamis that killed 230,000 people in 14 countries. Thousands of victims perished in Thailand, and soon after the disaster, survivors began seeing and hearing ghosts.

In the days and weeks following the Boxing Day tsunami, residents reported hearing singing and laughing on the beach. When they went to investigate, however, they found nothing but churning waves and battered sand. This chilling tale was one of many.

In another account, a night guard at a beachfront plaza reportedly quit his job after hearing a disembodied voice scream for help. In yet another story, a witness heard a ghostly tourist calling out for her lost child. In another, several rescuers heard a woman screaming beneath wreckage of a hotel, but no one could ever find her.

Not all tsunami spirits haunted the beach. A tuk tuk driver claimed seven tourists piled into his minivan one night only to vanish mid-route. A cab driver had a similar experience with a couple who requested a ride to the airport. When they reached their destination, the couple disappeared from the backseat, leaving only a puddle of water behind.

Do ghosts of the 2004 tsunami remain nearly 20 years later? Were they ever there at all? Many psychologists believe the sightings were the result of unthinkable trauma and stress. What do you believe?



Ghost and Ghouls

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Ghosts of the Boxing Day Tsunami

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