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GhostArk Ghost Hunting Device

GhostArk Ghost Hunting Device creator

GhostArk Ghost Hunting Device

GhostArk Ghost Hunting Device

The guys at GhostArk are almost finished perfecting their ghost hunting device and it’s expected to go on sale this summer for about $200 usd.

GhostArk said it’s, “the world’s first all-in-one ghost hunting equipment”. On board this unit are two omnidirectional microphones and a recorder ready for capturing Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP).

EVP, for you amateurs, is sound caught on audio recorders that’s missed by the human ear.

This is a must for modern day ghost hunters, and one of the best ways of discovering if your building is really haunted.

GhostArk device

Besides the EVP recorder, the GhostArk has an AM/FM/SW frequency scanner for radio waves and a thermometer for finding and detecting temperature drops.

All the features are easily displayed with LED lights for easy reading whilst on the hunt.

Likewise, the backlit display ensures optimal viewing whilst exploring that old haunted house.

If you register now for this gadget you’ll get a 25% discount and you do that here: GhostArk




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GhostArk Ghost Hunting Device

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