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Ghost Video: Mexico’s La Llorana

la llorona video

Does the video below show the infamous ghost known as La Llorana? Or is there a more reasonable explanation?

In Hispanic culture, La Llorana (The Weeping Woman) is a legendary ghost who roams the earth, searching for her lost children. Though descriptions vary, La Llorana is typically thought to have long, dark hair and is often spotted in a billowy white dress. In September 2016, this video from Mexico City appeared online, leading some to wonder if La Llorana is real. What do you make of it?

The chilling video quickly went viral, but it wasn’t long before beer company Cerveza Victoria México admitted it was behind the spooky footage. It seems the company wanted to promote frightening Mexican legends in the weeks leading up to Day of the Dead (November 1).

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Ghost Video: Mexico’s La Llorana

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