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Ghost Pig?


Anonymous submitted:

This is a really weird experience that super freaks me out when I think about it. Anyway, after college I moved into an apartment in a fairly urban area (I want to stress that, there was nothing rural about this place). It was a little, ol’ run down building. Sometimes there would be weird machine hums that me or my roommate would just go ahead and ignore, sometimes there would be sounds in the walls, like some small creatures like rats would be scampering through it. The landlord told us not to worry about it.

Anyway! There was one night, about a few months after I’d moved into the place, that I was lying in bed and felt really uneasy. I had been just lying in bed since 1 in the morning and it was maybe 2 at this point. I just couldn’t sleep. And, at this point I am still completely lucid. But, I hear, right next to my ear, what sounds like a pig snorting. I instantly yell and jump out of bed. I think it’s some prank my roommate is pulling on me but he isn’t there. I try to rationalize it, tell myself it was in my head, but before I can successfully do that, the snort returns, right next to my ear, even though I’ve moved to the corner of my room and I am standing. I just ran out of the apartment that night and returned a few hours later when the sun was coming up. It didn’t happen again. But I know what I heard.

What gets me really uneasy, was, what if the spirit was human and only imitating a pig?

James: 9/10 No yeah, humans should not be making pig noises. Even if they are alive. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
Ghost Pig?

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