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Ghost Photo: The Haunted Headstone

Does this photo show a woman’s ghost appearing in front of her headstone? A group of paranormal investigators in England say yes.

“We went out into the Todmorden Unitarian Church graveyard – it’s a real spooky place – and I took a few photos, and that’s one of the pictures that I caught,” investigator Rob Crabtree told The Sun. “If you read the gravestone, there’s a lady buried there that was 50, Sarah Agnes, and I think it was her.”

Located in West Yorkshire, Todmorden Unitarian Church was completed in 1869 and is reportedly home to a number of spirits. Visitors report seeing dark shadows and hearing disembodied voices and heavy footsteps. Most Haunted even featured the church in a 2017 episode.

Skeptics argue the photo shows nothing more than drifting smoke. The paranormal investigation team believe it’s something more.

“l could sense that a spirit was there because our electric energy meters were going off,”said investigation organizer Pauline Day. “I did get the feeling I was in touch with someone.”

What do you believe?



Ghost and Ghouls

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Ghost Photo: The Haunted Headstone

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