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Ghost Photo: The Black Monk Returns

The Black Monk of Pontrefact is at it again. Taken inside one of the UK’s most haunted homes, this photo reportedly shows a ghostly monk clutching rosary beads. Do you think it’s legit?

The Pontefract Legend

In the 1960s, a family moved into a haunted home in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, England. What followed was akin to America’s Amityville Horror House.

Unexplained activity in the home included levitating objects, slashed photographs, and physical abuse from an unseen entity. One night, the entity grabbed the family’s daughter by the throat and dragged her up the stairs. On another occasion, the adults in the home awoke to see a black-robed hooded figure hovering over their bed.

Today, the home is open to paranormal investigation groups such as East Drive Paranormal which took the photo above. Investigator Claire Cowell snapped the picture after hearing taps and bangs in the hallway.

“I was unaware of what I’d captured until I went back into the living room to tell the team,” Claire told The Sun. “The arm you can see in the photo is not a solid form – it looks like mist and is very strange. It really is the only solid picture we have ever really caught of the monk up until now.”

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Ghost Photo: The Black Monk Returns

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