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Ghost Photo: The Black Monk of Pontefract

Taken at a famously haunted home in England, this photo appears to show an odd figure reflected in the mirror. Could it be the spirit known as the Black Monk of Pontefract?

In 1966, a couple with two children, ages 15 and 12, moved into a home in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, England. What followed was “the most violent haunting in all of Britain.”

Unexplained activity in the home included levitating objects, slashed photographs, and physical abuse from an unseen entity. One night, the entity grabbed the family’s daughter by the throat and dragged her up the stairs. On another occasion, the adults in the home awoke to see a black-robed hooded figure hovering over their bed.

In 2012, the haunting was featured in the British horror film When the Lights Went Out. It was also the subject of a book titled Poltergeist!. Today, the home is open to paranormal investigators such as Ghostnspectors Paranormal who took this photo in 2016.

“I took three or four pictures and one was particularly dark so when I got home I put it on the computer to brighten it up,” investigator Pete Boulton told the Daily Mail. “When I brightened it up, I noticed there was a weird shape in the mirror. No one from the group was downstairs at the time. So it couldn’t have been any of them.”

What do you think of the photo? Does it show the infamous black monk? Or is it nothing more than a simple reflection?

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Ghost Photo: The Black Monk of Pontefract

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