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Ghost Photo: Spirit at Jerome Grand Hotel

Taken at Arizona’s Jerome Grand Hotel, this photo appears to show a misty figure in the hallway. Is it a ghost?

Built in 1926, the Jerome Grand Hotel was formerly a hospital. They say 9,000 people died during the hospital’s 23 years in business. Now, the ghosts of former patients reportedly roam the historic property.

“We were skeptical and didn’t believe it in the beginning,” general manager Chris Altherr told a local news outlet. “We only had six rooms open at first and immediately began receiving reports from guests hearing voices.”

Today, eerie activity includes disembodied voices, the sound of rolling hospital gurneys, and a ghost cat that jumps on guests’ beds. In 2011, the Ghost Adventures crew investigated Jerome Grand Hotel and recorded dark masses, slamming doors, and shouts in the dark.

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Ghost and Ghouls

by cnkguy
Ghost Photo: Spirit at Jerome Grand Hotel

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