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Ghost Photo: Security Cam Spirit

This photo comes from an in-home security camera. The OP writes:

“Hello, this picture was captured from a security camera placed inside my home. The camera is an IP camera by Sendow Tek. My husband uses an app called i-4 to see what’s going on in the house. He snapped a picture from the app while the camera was on, and this is what he caught.

On the day of the photo, weird things kept happening. The phone turned on and off by itself, alarms went off for no reason, pictures fell and smashed to the ground. I also heard something that sounded like bubbles in the middle of the night.

I have been attacked by spirits throughout my life, and you could say I have a connection to the spirit world. When this was taken, I’d lost about four family and friends in the span of two weeks. I also sleep with a box of my deceased daughter’s belongings under my bed. Did one of them cause this?

Please help me figure out what’s in the picture. The camera sits up very high from the bed where nothing could get by. I’ve had several connections with spirits, so I want to know if I’m safe or if it’s something I need to worry about. I want to know if it’s a bad spirit, a guardian angel, or even a glitch in the camera.”

What do you think? Does the photo show a ghost, or is there a more logical explanation?

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Ghost and Ghouls

by cnkguy
Ghost Photo: Security Cam Spirit

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