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Ghost Photo: Oh, Christmas Tree

Does this photo show a ghostly face peering from the branches of a Christmas tree? A woman in Bolton, Greater Manchester, England says yes.

Caregiver Melanie Schloes says she took a photo of a patient’s tree and later spotted the eerie face on the right. Scholes believes it’s the spirit of her colleague’s recently deceased brother.

“We were talking about my colleague’s brother who sadly passed away a couple of years ago,” she said. “My patient had just been putting the tree up. As we were talking about it the bauble (ornament) fell off the tree and smashed.”

Melanie (who just happens to run a ghost-hunting company) thinks the spirit appeared in the photo and smashed the ornament to get attention. Do you think she’s right?

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Ghost and Ghouls

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Ghost Photo: Oh, Christmas Tree

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