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Ghost Photo: Lemp Mansion Spirit

A St. Louis paranormal research group believes the photo above shows a ghostly woman at the infamous Lemp Mansion. Do you think they’re right?

On March 27, the group posted the following on Facebook.

The Lemp family made their fortune in beer, dominating the St. Louis beer market with the Lemp Brewery and Falstaff brand beer. However, depression plagued the prominent family, and three Lemps committed suicide in the family home between 1904 and 1949. A fourth Lemp shot herself in a separate residence.

Today, the Lemp Mansion is a restaurant and inn, not to mention one of America’s most haunted homes. Tales of ghostly knocks, phantom footsteps, disembodied voices, and sightings of a deformed spirit in the attic are just a few of the strange events said to occur at the historic property.

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Ghost and Ghouls

by cnkguy
Ghost Photo: Lemp Mansion Spirit

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