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Ghost Kitties

too-cynical-for-20 submitted:

This is my story, and I love it. It’s nothing scary or spooky, but it is sad.

My cat, Hercules, died when I was about 11 years old(9 years ago now). He was also 11 years old. He was my first pet, and he was the only one that I was wholly responsible for. I loved him. He was healthy, despite his age. He died when my mom brought home a sick calico that she named Xena. She nursed Xena back to health, but Xena’s illness hit my old Hercules hard and he died. Because my mom neglected to take care of him while I was at school. She didn’t even notice he was dead, which was the hardest part.

But the day he died, I came home from school, he was still standing at the door like usual. He didn’t touch me and wouldn’t let me pet him, but he was still waiting patiently by the door like he always was when he heard the bus. He headed upstairs ahead of me, as usual, and ran towards his favorite windowsill. It wasn’t until I got upstairs and went to grab him I realized he was dead. At first, I thought he had jumped into the sill and died, but looking at him I realized he’d been dead for probably a better part of the day. He probably walked me to the door as usual that morning and came up to his sill and died. He was cold and hard.

I was devastated. I cried and screamed. I hated my mother. I hated Xena for getting him sick. It wasn’t fair that my mom had put more attention into Xena(who was laying in a pile of blankets and getting hand-fed wet food) that day when I asked her to look after Hercules as well while I was at school.

It got bad. I was so depressed about losing my only friend(I was a “strange” kid, I never had a lot of friends) I didn’t go to school.

It wasn’t but a few hours after I buried him that I started seeing him. Fleeting at first, out of the corner of my eye, running into my bedroom and disappearing beneath my bed, stuff like that. I thought I was going insane.

One day I had gone to the bathroom and when I came back to my room, Hercules was sitting in the middle of my bed. I stood in the doorway and shook my head. As I did he started walking towards me, and then walked out of my room and to the living room, straight up to Xena. I got pissed. I was crying and screaming at his ghost to get away from her. She killed you, it’s your her fault she’s dead. I just broke down. And he just looked at me the way he used to when I was crying..

And so did Xena. And that’s when I realized she had his eyes. And I broke. I walked up to this tiny calico kitten that had the power to bring my big strong Hercules to his death and picked her up. I finally realized what had happened.

Someone had sent Xena to me knowing that Hercules was ready to go.

I still occasionally see Hercules, when I’m having a hard time, when I’m depressed, or when I lose my way. But he’s never sent me a message like that again.

He doesn’t have to. And all but one cat I’ve gotten since then has had his eyes-and I’m not just talking about the ones I’ve picked out. I’ll have strays show up at my door with his eyes if I’m getting sad, and I’ve had cats with his eyes run up to me in parks if I was having a bad time.

He’s still with me and I’ll never forget him..

James: 4/10 (for scares): Aw that is sweet and super strange! Your cats have cool names! Thank you for sharing!




by cnkguy
Ghost Kitties

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