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Ghost-hunting past haunts Alaska board nominee

Ghost-hunting past haunts Alaska board nominee:

John Francis hasn’t shied away from the topic,
voluntarily bringing it up during a House hearing last week and calmly fielding
pointed questions during a Senate hearing Wednesday. In an interview Thursday,
he spoke of a life-changing event in which he felt the soul of a man “go
through my body.”

Francis said he was somewhat surprised by how much
attention the ghost hunting has gotten. He said he expected more questions on
criminal activity he was involved in many years ago, which he said included
burglary and insurance fraud, though he acknowledged there were time
constraints on Wednesday’s hearing.

During that hearing, Eagle River Republican Sen. Lora
Reinbold focused on Francis’ ghost hunting and his thoughts on the paranormal.
She said she has been contacted by people concerned about the matter.

Francis, who testified via telephone, explained setting
up recorders in people’s homes as part of the investigations. He said what is
found is almost always explainable and that sharing that provides a measure of
comfort for those homeowners.

For the full article, visit the Washington Post. 

Source: Equinox Paranormal

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Ghost-hunting past haunts Alaska board nominee

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