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Ghost Hunters Film Moving Chair On Stake Out

Ghost Hunters Film Moving Chair On Stake Out

Ghost Hunters Film Moving Chair On Stake Out

Ghost Hunters Film Moving Chair On Stake Out

Terry Johnson and his team were on a stake out at a home in Rowlands Gill, Tyne and Wear, England when they captured this footage of a chair that seemingly moves on it’s own.

The ghost hunter team was approached by the home owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, about mysterious goings on in his home.

Setting up there equipment they only had to wait several hours before the spirit showed his presence with Terry saying, “We were just gobsmacked when we saw it.”

“We have never had anything like that before and we haven’t stopped talking about it since.”

“It’s the most compelling evidence we have got up to now on an investigation.”

The homeowner after viewing the footage said, “It was absolutely amazing. I knew there was something not right and now he’s just proved it.”

Terry and a colleague started the Gateshead Paranormal Society and have already done several investigations and he explained, “Before we go into a property we always do a bit of research first,” Terry explained.

“We found out the house had been built on woodland and that the current owner has done renovation on the property, and that is something that can stir spirits up.”

The owner had only moved in to the home 18 months previously and became convinced that his new home was haunted telling investigators, “There were things happening we couldn’t explain, things like a sauce bottle being turned on its side for no reason.”

“And our dog would sometimes just stand and look into a space which he never did in the last house. That got the alarm bells ringing.”

After hearing about Terry’s work the home owner wanted to see if he could prove there was something unusual about the house.

He said, “I met Terry one night when he was in the local pub and I got talking to him and I said, ‘I believe my house is haunted’.”

“I was hoping to see some evidence and I knew he had all the equipment.”




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Ghost Hunters Film Moving Chair On Stake Out

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