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Getting to sleep.

helnn submitted:

England/United Kingdom

So when I was a kid, I had issues with getting to sleep at night and some nights I would play on my Gameboy all night and because I was a little kid I would have the sound on and some nights I would cry because I was really sad.. My parents would then come in and talk to me until I went to sleep and take my Gameboy away until the next day.
Well one night, as per usual, I couldn’t sleep so I played on my GB for a while to cheer me up after I was crying.
Then my mother came in to try and get me to go to sleep. She sat on the side of my bed and took y Gameboy off me and put it on the windowsill on the other side of the room, clearing a path of clothes and toys as she made her way over there and back.
She then talked to me until I fell asleep.

So the next morning I got up for breakfast and found my Dad downstairs. He served breakfast, as my mother normally did. I asked where she was and apparently, in the evening(10pm) she had gone to the hospital after my grandmother has fallen on holiday  and had been brought back to the UK for surgery. So she wasn’t at home at the time I thought she came into my room to see me (about 4am, it was getting light)
My dad was a bit confused as to why I had said she came to see me in the night, but said I had dreamt it, however the mess on the floor she had pushed aside was still the way she left it and my GB was still on the windowsill.

I really have no idea what came into my room that night and it still freaks me out.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 8/10 Yeah, wait what the fuck? That’s a lot.  I find this one really interesting because the spirit just sounds like it wanted to be like your mother for a little bit.  Damn.  Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
Getting to sleep.

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