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I used to work at a small art gallery, like smaller than you’d usually imagine. I would work at the front desk and just greeted people when they came in and I would engage with them if they seemed like they wanted someone to talk to about the art. I would usually have another person at the table with me but this time I didn’t.

One night, just before 7 pm when I had to close, an elderly man in a very old fashioned, almost tattered looking suit came in, using a cane to support himself. I welcomed him in and he waved silently before proceeding to the gallery behind me. There was no one else at the table with me and I thought he wanted to be left alone so I didn’t follow him in the gallery to talk about the art. Something about his face seemed very pained.

About ten minutes passed and it was getting closer to 7, and I wondered if the old man was still looking at the art. I didn’t want to have to tell him he had to leave and hoped he would leave on his own accord. Just before I got up from my chair, I heard a terrifyingly loud, unearthly scream coming from the gallery behind me. I shook for what felt like a while and then I got up and bolted into the gallery. I looked around and nobody was there. There was nowhere he could have hid or run to in between the time I heard the scream and the time I got up. I checked every corner. I then locked the door and checked the bathrooms in the way back just in case. I checked the office upstairs just in case. He was nowhere to be found. After about ten minutes of checking again and again, I assumed maybe he went out the back door somehow even though I would have heard the door open and shut. I then went ahead with and shut off all the lights and went to bring down the gate. As soon as I locked it, I heard a whimper, I looked up and saw the man behind the gate. He was crying. I shook and then he suddenly disappeared.

I’ve been terrified of that memory ever since though he never did return to the gallery.

James: 8/10 That is really strange. He seemed really moved by the art maybe. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
Gallery Visitor

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