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fuckyeahnightmares: Lol remember last time this happened?…


Lol remember last time this happened? Anyways, let’s do a Giveaway!

So some rules:

1. You must be following this blog for entry.  We will know if you’re trying to trick us.  The night is watching.

2. Likes and reblogs of this post count as entry.  Unlimited reblogs! Try spacing it out as to not spam your followers, though.

3. Another fun way to gain entry points!  You can go through our archives or just blog and find some of your favorite stories, reblog them and add, “FYNGIVEAWAY,” in the tags in order to get another entry.  You can do this 15 times.

4. Do not delete any caption on this entry.

5. No giveaway blogs.  (I’m not entirely sure what that means but it’s a big no no.)

6. Keep your DMs open around the time this ends because Imma slide into them if your the winner.  The winners must respond within 48 hours or else we’ll give the prize to someone else and you’ll have to find a pile of leaves to kick.


There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place! First place choses between the prizes and then second place chooses out of the remaining two and so on.

1. Flatwoods Monster Plushie as made by my good friend on etsy! It’s super customizable!

2. Meals for Pets Halloween T-shirts! Let me know which t-shirt you like and it shall be yours.

3. Halloween Potion Bottles from this cool Etsy shop I found! Check it out!

The Giveaway Ends October 15th, which is soon, so get to it!




by cnkguy
fuckyeahnightmares: Lol remember last time this happened?…

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