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fucking-tragic Submitted: 

This happened not to me, but a friend of mine. She has the gift of being able to interact with the supernatural and will be submitting stories under my URL.

When I was eleven years old, I was sitting in my room, home alone in the late evening. I didn’t want to go outside because it was an early winter month. The lights in my room alone began to flicker and I contemplated going out to check the fuse box behind the house. When I turned to get up, my door was ajar, although I had no recollection of opening it myself. The door opened wider as I watched it. I looked to the hallway and watched as the drop-down attic door fell to the hallway, the stairs dropping down with it. I creeped closer anxiously, and the inclination caused me to see what happened next; The torso of an emaciated, yet living, horrible creature dropped into view, the dark pits where it’s eyes should be staring before the head spun off the spinal cord wildly. All at once, the figure retreated into the attic, pulling the stairs and door up with it despite the laws of gravity. After five seconds of the terrifying situation sinking in with a pause, every door of the house slammed shut with a shake to the house. I scrambled out the window at the end of the hallway, onto the roof and called to my neighbor who was coming home in his car. He rushed over and tried the door but it was locked, as well as the window I had just climbed through. He broke in through the living room window in response to my scared crying and came up to see if I was alright. Upon inspecting the house, there was no more signs of supernatural activity;No sulfur smells or doors in a position I hadn’t left them in…. Although, my neighbor committed suicide just a couple months later.

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by cnkguy
From The Attic

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