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Four Haunted National Parks

Four Haunted National Parks:

Everglades National Park (Florida)

Everglades National Park is in the southern-most point within the United
States. This park is known for its tropical wetlands and is infested with some
of the most dangerous reptiles (alligators, cottonmouths, coral snakes, and
Burmese pythons), animals (panthers, wild boars, and black bears) and insects
(mosquitoes, kissing bugs, fire ants, and deadly spiders) on the planet. The
Calusa Indians had called these forbidden swamplands home until the Spaniards
arrived in the year 1513. It isn’t just the wildlife, quicksand, and hurricanes
that visitors need to worry about in this park—paranormal activity also
abounds. It should come as no surprise that since the Calusa Indians lived and
died in these swamps, the area is one large, watery grave.

Many people live near the Everglades. In 1969, a
fourteen-year-old boy and his family lived next to the park, and the boy loved
to explore the swamps. One day he stumbled upon an old grave that held the
remains of one of the area’s original inhabitants, a Native American. The
remains had been buried with a gold medallion, and the boy decided to removed
the necklace from the skeleton and take it home with him. Soon after the
medallion entered the home, the family began to suffer from terrifying
nightmares. Then, the once-happy young boy committed suicide by hanging
himself. The family believed that when the boy took the medallion from the
grave, he unleashed a deadly curse. However, instead of returning the medallion
back to its original burial spot, the family sold it. Every person who owned it
after the young boy fell to its curse. It is unknown where the medallion is

Ed Watson was known to his neighbors as Bloody Ed. In
1896, Ed Watson (known to his neighbors as, “Bloody Ed”) moved onto
Chokoloskee Island in the Everglades to start a sugarcane plantation. His
neighbors stayed far away from him, as Watson was not a friendly man. Case in
point: one day, two men were squatting on one of the islands, called Lost Key.
Watson did not own this island, but he still killed the men for trespassing. To
run his sugarcane crop, Watson would find workers, but would only hire people
that were not from that area, and his neighbors noticed that he was going
through employees like a revolving door. One day, some men from Chokoloskee
were in the swamplands doing some work when they discovered a woman’s dead body
floating in the water, and recognized her as one of Watsons employees. The
people in the town believed that Watson was murdering his hired hands so he
didn’t have to pay them. When Watson came into the town for supplies, he was
confronted by the people in the town, who informed him that they knew he was
killing his employees. When Watson tried to defend himself, the vigilantes
pulled out their guns and riddled Watson with bullets; they then took his body
out to Rabbit Key and buried him. The area around the island where Bloody Ed
lived is supposedly haunted by his many victims. It is believed that Ed Watson
himself had actually been possessed by evil spirits and his ghost still haunts
the area.

In 2009, a young man reported that while he and his
family went canoeing through the swamps of the Everglades, he looked into the
shallow, murky, alligator-infested waters and saw a boy around thirteen-years-old
that seemed to be floating under their canoe. When the two boys locked eyes,
the boy in the canoe was terrified—he saw that the whatever he was looking at
under the water had bright red eyes and the look of pure hate. It then swam
away. The young man let out a gasp, which made his mother ask him if he was
alright. He didn’t want to worry everyone, so he said that he thought he saw
something in the water but had been mistaken. A few minutes later, the boy saw
the ghost boy again watching him, but this time on the land behind some trees.
Out of nowhere, a strong wind blew in and knocked his female cousin out of the
canoe and into the water. Thankfully, the young boy was able to pull his cousin
out of the water and back into the canoe. The family quickly paddled to dry
land, where the young girl started claiming her back was hurting her. Lifting
her shirt up the family was shocked to see that the girl’s back was covered in
bruises. Several weeks later the young man became obsessed with finding out who
the evil spirit might be. His research paid off when he discovered that a young
boy drowned decades earlier in the same area that he encountered the ghost. It
has been widely known that for many years the Everglades has been used by
criminals to dispose of their victims bodies and that the chance of any remains
being found in these swamplands is slim to none.

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Source: Equinox Paranormal

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Four Haunted National Parks

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