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For over three years, I’ve been researching the Elisa Lam…

For over three years, I’ve been researching the Elisa Lam case. Part of it was the conspiracy theories; part of it was The Shining-like hotel (which I’ve stayed in twice, alone, since beginning my research). But a major part was when I started reading Elisa’s online writings. Hundreds of pages of her thoughts on life, feelings of alienation, her battles with bipolar disorder, her love of Tumblr and the Internet (where, sadly, she would later be transformed into a viral meme) – I developed a deep appreciation of her and began to empathize and identify with her psychiatric struggle. Now, with a team of seasoned filmmakers, I want to make a documentary about this singularly fascinating story that cuts through the sensationalist stuff and looks at how this case became a kind of Rorschach test – everyone who looks at it sees something different.

In the course of my research, I’ve met some fascinating people with incredible stories of how this case changed their lives. Now it’s time to build an interconnected web of these narratives while also revisiting the investigation and looking at some of the troubling anomalies and unanswered questions that, five years later, still keep people up at night.

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The Ghost Diaries

by cnkguy
For over three years, I’ve been researching the Elisa Lam…

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  • Dimitri says:

    The Kickstarter page mentions the two synchronicities of the LAM-ELISA TB test and the parallels between the case and the movie Dark Water. However, it doesn’t mention one of the most mind-blowing synchronicities; that the zip code for the registrant privacy company for the website of The Last Bookstore, which Elisa visited on her last day alive, shows up as inside the cemetery in Burnaby where Elisa is buried!

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