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babynymphettt submitted:

I’ve never had a paranormal experience, but here’s one that my grandmother had while her husband was in the marines. 

   When her husband, Phillip, went into Vietnam, she had just had my dad. She had gotten a telegram that he had a minor injury and was being taken care of. Also, she didn’t get a letter from him on her birthday which was weird because he was usually very good at keeping in touch.

   One night, she was making dinner, and it was only her and my dad (who was only about 9 months old at the time). She walked by the living room and out of the corner of her eye she thought she was someone sitting the recliner (Where her husband used to sit) she brushed it off and continued to cook. When she passed by again, she got a flash out of the corner of her eye of her husband sitting in the chair. She was terrified and ran back into the kitchen. My dad started screaming and crying so she took him out of the high chair. She tried to go to sleep as best as she could but the baby was crying throughout the night. ( note: She never had any kind of paranormal experiences before this night).

The next day, she got a knock on the door telling her that her husband had passed away the night before.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 6/10 Oh wow that’s really sad.  Thank you for sharing!




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