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'Flying Witch' Reported over Turtle Creek near Darien, Wisconsin

‘Flying Witch’ Reported over Turtle Creek near Darien, Wisconsin:

[The witness] was traveling west on Creek Road on her way
to work. As she approached the Turtle Creek bridge she observed a large winged
being that she described as a ‘flying witch.’ The being was at a tree-top
altitude and was gliding in her direction. It was early dawn, but enough light
was available for [her] to make out a form.

The winged being suddenly descended towards [her] car and
barely missed colliding with the hood. [She] described that the being’s
wingspan was much wider than her car and that the body was a ‘brownish’ color,
like a ‘paper bag.’ The body looked feminine and slight. The wings were
bat-shaped and very large. She never noticed the wings flapping. The speed in
which it descended was ‘not natural.’ The face was unremarkable, almost
‘blank.’ [She] noted that she swerved and almost hit the guard rail.

For the full article by The Singular Fortean Society, click here. 

Source: Equinox Paranormal

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'Flying Witch' Reported over Turtle Creek near Darien, Wisconsin

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