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Figure Outside my House

dave-strider-is-a-bi-icon submitted:

This happened just a few days ago.
I was technically not home alone, but I was outside by myself, around 11 PM. I’d been outside earlier, trying to film cosplay videos, but my phone had gotten low enough I needed to go inside for a bit to charge it. Earlier, my sister had been with me. Now, she wasn’t. I’d also broken my glasses a few days before, not to mention that the character didn’t wear any, so I wouldn’t have them anyway.
I needed to close my eyes or hold my phone in front of my face multiple times. And, the moment I first did, there was this huge, blurry figure, standing beside my father’s car, next to the neighbor’s house. The best way I can think of describing it is if Slenderman had pale, peach skin, a red t-shirt, and blue jeans. I jumped enough that my wig cap felt like it slammed into my head, giving me a headache from the force. I pulled out my phone to use the camera to see what the fuck the figure was.
Turns out, it was just the recycling bin combined with the light from the neighbor’s window. Not sure where the red shirt or arms were coming from, considering that there was nothing at all resembling them, but oh well. I was on the porch for a bit longer, and every time I moved my phone in front of my face to take a photo, or closed my eyes (to try to roll my eyes back for the character), it was right there when I looked back. I have video of the spot at that exact moment, no sign of it on there.
I went back in, grabbed a katana I have for a prop (it’s plastic, but the kind meant for actual training), and my broken glasses. I obviously didn’t want to put them on, so while I did keep them nearby for if I really needed to reassure myself, I resumed what I was doing, now with a katana in my lap. I’d occasionally pick it up and yell swears, insults, and how I wasn’t scared at the figure, mainly just to make myself feel less uneasy.
I finished the video I’d been working on, put my glasses on, and stared at the spot, trying to do exactly what I had before, minus the recording. Well, there was absolutely no fucking sign of the figure. It was completely gone. I took my glasses back off, trying again with my previous shitty vision. Still nothing. I gathered my stuff up, and went the fuck back inside.
There were a few banging noises from outside my window, a shit ton of cold drafts, and my blinds shaking, but considering that my window is stuck open, and those all happen on a regular basis, I think it’s safe to say that I haven’t seen any signs of it since, and it’s been almost three days.

At night:

During the day:

FYNK James: 6/10 I really enjoy that you brought out a katana. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
Figure Outside my House

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