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February 2019 #610

Me: (appearing as quietly as possible beside H’s bed)

(coughing) Good god darlin’, you’ve taken up your Poe
escapades again!

Me: (trying not to laugh and stage whispering) I’m sorry! I
wanted to see if I could sneak in and see you without-

S’s sass?

Me: Yes!

Clandestine. You make a habit of sneaking into gentleman’s

Me: Only yours. You don’t sound as breathless today. How have
you been?

H: (wry) The night passed without incident and I only coughed up half
my lung tissue this morning. So I would say I was improving.

Me: Will you get up today?

I shall bathe and shave and make an appearance by the stove.
(coughing) Your day?

Me: I have a great many letters to write and send into the

Epistolary matters.

Me: Yes. Also we may have found a home for Andromeda.

H: I’m
glad to hear it.

Me: It’s not certain yet but I’m hopeful. …What?

Darlin’, what would you do (coughing) when I’m sick like
this? Convalescing is a burden on the nerves, being so dull.

Me: I would read to you. I would sit in bed beside you and
write. I’d set up my sewing machine downstairs and sew clothes. I’d cook bone
broth and soup. I’d walk in the snow. There are plenty of things I could do.

I shouldn’t want you (coughing) to find the Storm House dull
with me in it.

Me: Only way that’s possible would be if you were in a coma.

I shall do my best to avoid such. (coughing)

Me: Would you like some bourbon?

I did wonder (coughing) if you’d offer.

Me: You wretch – you can just ask! I’m always happy to share.

is washing: she is sitting by my legs and H’s arm. She stops to snuffle where
H’s hand is and then attempts to wash it)

That was…

Me: Peculiar? My little
necromancer’s cat.
 … Has the thaw come yet?

No, the snow’s thick; sun’s bright, but it’s chill. Need
another week or two at least.

Me: You’ll visit M and L at the beginning of April then?


Me: …I should go before S catches me.

(coughing) Indeed. Love you girl.

Me: Love you H.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
February 2019 #610

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